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The economic term for the taking over of the U.S. economy by Sojin. After starting her clothing company named "Soju" in 2007, the overpriced clothes had created a fashion statement all around the world. Attracting famous celebrities such as David Kim and Fagotolious, the brand became known in the fashion world as "bad ass clothing".
In the year 2008, celebrity and song writer David Kim created the new hit sensation called "Sojination". The song has been on the top of the charts for over a month and is continuing to spread awareness of the U.S. economy and the Sojination that is going on in the world today.
Kristy: "Hey did you hear that song Sojination?"

Ashley: "Yeah! its so hot!"

Toghether: "SOJINATION! irrigation! communication! nullification!"

Stranger: "Dudes! I love that song!"
by DKdude August 16, 2008

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