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A medium sized convention in Sioux Falls SD that is made of awesome and win. Sogen has become synonymous with rising above adversity.
We thought he was going to be dead last, but he pulled a sogen con and finished the race in first place.
by Chocolate Jesus April 05, 2008
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Noun, synonym for a failed anime convention.

This word sprang up recently over the summer of 2005 and has grown in its use within the circle of anime convention goers. The term originated from a convention of the same name which ended up putting its founding organization over $3,000.00 in debt. The 2nd attempt at the convention was met with even more failure than the first attempt and resulted in the impending disbanding of their founding organization(Mustang Anime Otaku).
Hopefully Anime Iowa doesn't pull a sogencon.
That convention sure was a sogencon.
by LittleDevil December 27, 2005
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