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A phrase often used by Twitter users to describe the blocking of another person, then immediate unblock. This is used to make the other user force-unfollow you without making it obvious that blocked them.
This person wouldn't stop replying to my Tweets, so I soft blocked them.
by gitrekt May 15, 2016
when someone blocks you on twitter and unblocks you so you're not following each other anymore.
person: dude, did you dm freya about that thing?
person: ugh, no! she soft blocked me, man!
by zugwzang June 26, 2016
Similar to a cock block, its when you get turned off so hard by an event/s that it makes you revert to a soft state (penis wise)
Victor- Dood so what happened last night with you and your girl?

Kaveen- Man totally soft block man, my Dad walked into my room while we were doing it

Victor- Dood man

Kaveen- I know -_-
by SoyK November 30, 2010
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