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A fun game that isnt in first person (halleluia)

One of the many games that is 100 times better than Halo.
Socom 2 is a great game
by HALO SUX November 11, 2004
SOCOM 2: US Navy SEALs is a tactical military squad shooter exclusively for the PlayStation 2. It is created by Zipper Interactive and supported/published by Sony.

The game attempts to mock missions SEALs would actually carry out, which ultimately ends up with the SEALs fighitng the terrorists of the world in war-torn environments, or other terrorist infested areas.

It's third-person view makes it unique from other shooters. What makes it such a huge success is it's outstanding online mode.

In conclusion, SOCOM 2 pwns.
-I like Counter-Strike because it's fun!
-Your queer! SOCOM is for REAL MEN!
by Mat Brooks August 03, 2005
n. anger incarnate.
Person 1: Hey, i'll be over in a bit. I had a little situation with a lead pipe and my entire room that i need to clean.
Person 2: Socom 2?
Person 1: Yeah.
by NNNnolan unit March 18, 2004
Playstation 2 game endorsed by the US army. Named after the Special Operations Command. Consists of teambased tactical simulatoin (ie. hostage escort, demolition defusion... ect)

The game is a nice change of pace as it is in 3rd person rather than first. Gameplay is the bigest pro, on par with the HALO games. The downsides are the fact that about half the players you encounter online are too worried about their ranks, and the server is a little laggy on weekend nites.

If you have a PS2 and broadband, I would definitly give this game a try.
Gamer 1: "This HALO is sure fun, but I'm getting tired of first person... If only there were a good alternative."
Gamer 2: " there is!"
by Mr. Pieguy February 21, 2005
A PlayStation2(PS2) game. This is a first person shooter army game. It's boring offline but you can get on and play with other people around the world!
I just whopped your punk ass in socom2 bitch.
by Glitch November 17, 2004
The guy above me still can't be good at SOCOM even though it takes no talent.
I don't like SOCOM 2 because I suck at it. I'd rather play Counter-Strike and beat off to Hentai

by Mat Brooks October 18, 2004
The glitchiest game ever created by man..
Omg server glitch...
That guy is glitching..
Omg my rank got reset cos the servers glitched...
Wana go on socom and find some glitches?
That guys cheating no the game is jus glitching again..
by OuTa CoNTRoL April 12, 2005

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