A group of people that make up a defined area, that is by definition biased in terms of moral and intellectual behavior. This is because the group as a whole is made up of people who have decided to denounce a certain point of view, on the subject matter of beliefs and ideas, by misunderstanding that point of view.
Society has told every one of you to not color/draw outside the designated lines, which has caused most people to frown on graffiti.

Society has told every one of you to watch TV because it's more fun than reading a book, even though reading is much more stimulating.

Society has told every one of you that success is defined by a routine job and agreement with the law, instead of reaching for the seemingly unreachable dream.
by PalmTr33 October 03, 2009
We are all, some way or another, born into a society. It puts down a set of beliefs, assuming that all those in it must conform with it and abide by their rules and beliefs. Those who do not wish to conform with society and its views are labelled as either strange, outcast, loner or any other adjectives that people use to try and degrade people.

Note: This lack of conformity must not be confused with Anarchy, where society ends up a crumbled mess and people do what they want without being put to justice, including killing, raping and stealing.

The leaders of a society are supposed to protect us and give us opportunities to excel in life. But little do those who conform with it know that most of these leaders are trying to brainwash them into being like mindless beings-succumbing to their will (be it good or bad) and believing everything they say and promise.
Most societies are falling to pieces by the second.

Where is the positive change that today's world leaders promised? Or are they just 'changing' for their own benefits?

Many of today's societies shun those people who dislike mainstream music as well as other mainstream ideas and media (such as today's vampires, looking up to senseless money-hungry and attention-hungry celebrities and being 'beautiful' in society's eyes)-but these days such people are working hard to make a positive change to these corrupted societies.

Many societies promise freedom of speech, sharing and opinion-but now with laws such as ACTA, SOPA and PIPA we will deprived of that.

John: "Why do guys wear their trousers so low these days?"
Nathan: "Because it's cool and everybody's doing it: like me."
John: "I'm surely not doing that."
Nathan: "You're so uncool-go die."

Mother: "Jane why don't you wear make up and wear heels like every other girl? You're not normal if you don't do such things, you know."

Friend 1 to Friend 2: "It's funny how you don't follow trends like everyone else does. Why don't you want to be like everybody else?"
Friend 2: "Because if I do what everybody else likes that I genuinely don't, I'll be one step closer to losing my sense of self, my uniqueness and my own ability to decide how I want to excel in life. I also like deciding what I myself love in terms of clothes/doing stuff to pass the time/hobbies/music......"
Friend 1:"Loser, you just have no friends."
by Lestrange society January 28, 2012
a thing that is broken and that I wouldn't drive down the road in for fear of my safety and other's. Is approaching complete entropy - the manifestation of absolute rule - before war breaks out. May be reparable - inject chaos without injecting harm.

by millerthegorilla January 25, 2009
The big, bad monster that everybody on Six Billion Secrets is afraid of.
"Fuck you, society! I blame you for all my problems!"
-Six Billion Secrets poster
by Poopiseverywhere May 12, 2011
That thing you blame for the mistakes you made in your life
Also the most popular fall guy until George Bush
-Yo Joe, why you rob that bank?

-Dude that was society's fault man
by I don't need a pseudonym November 15, 2012
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