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Society of Cunts or SOC is a website which attemps to troll (They call it 'touring') other forums yet fails due to A) not enabling their own forum as open (pussies). B) Never upsetting anyone with a troll thus failing. C) Having only about four active members who are all sad aged men with mental issues. The website also sells merchandise in a dillusion that it will one day be a success. The sight is usually racist. All of the forum posts have no topic other than #### is a cunt, or maybe some other swear word.
I'm just logging onto Society of Cunts to go on tour and pretend to be someone else because my life is shit and I'm a looser.
by Pisstazzas gay boyfriend July 01, 2010
Is a secret cabal of very powerful individuals who have achieved positions of great prominence by acting like cunts
Dwight D Almondburger is a board member of the Society of Cunts. He made his fortune foreclosing mortages on Louisiana shacks that had sank into swamps
by Diamond Lights October 16, 2010
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