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1. The term mistakenly used by idiots, attempting to sound smart, instead of using term, "sociopath."
Person No. 1: "That guy doesn't care about anyone's feelings

Person No. 2: "Yeah. Complete social path."

Person No. 3: "You should probably give up on life right now."
by Anon65 April 24, 2011
Socialpath: guys that slide through girls DM's,snapchat,Facebook and In some extreme cases Instagram. Socialpath often target women who are in relationships or in some cases married and know no boundaries. Although hard to spot an example of a socialpath is the beginning of a direct message or DM with the word "Hey" or likes a picture from a week ago. Socialpath can also be referred to as a dbag,slider,sancho,creeper,lurker. Some extreme cases of socialpath are the one you don't see coming like a friend turned socialpath often called "friendzone". To prevent a DM from a socialpath is to never give sensitive information like usernames,facebooks, "like" a picture. Keep all social media private! If this is you or know somebody suffering from this mental disorder please seek help. I had to make this to spread awareness!
Omg I just had a Socialpath try and slide through my DM's!

slider dbag lurker creeper sancho gnats
by Rc84 May 25, 2016
Someone who uses social media in deviant ways, to benefit themselves.
Kim is such a socialpath, looking for ways to move up in the world.
by ajaica May 10, 2015
Someone who talks you to death, and usually has no idea that he/she is doing this
Geraldine:"-And then we were like," Wha?" and Mark was all,"Shaw!" and then Sharon said-OMIGAWD SHARON! Did you hear about her and that Manicure she got? It was freakish, like this enormous zit I had-"

Hector:Geraldine, -wheeze- no more!Please, I'm dying here!

Geraldine: It was nasty, like huge and white and ugly, like Rosie O'Donald, and speaking of her-"

Hector: -is dead-

Bystander To Other Bystander: Watch out for that Geraldine, she's a complete socialpath.

Geraldine: Hector?
by Annabelle Menzie February 28, 2008
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