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1. The term mistakenly used by idiots, attempting to sound smart, instead of using term, "sociopath."
Person No. 1: "That guy doesn't care about anyone's feelings

Person No. 2: "Yeah. Complete social path."

Person No. 3: "You should probably give up on life right now."
by Anon65 April 24, 2011
Someone who talks you to death, and usually has no idea that he/she is doing this
Geraldine:"-And then we were like," Wha?" and Mark was all,"Shaw!" and then Sharon said-OMIGAWD SHARON! Did you hear about her and that Manicure she got? It was freakish, like this enormous zit I had-"

Hector:Geraldine, -wheeze- no more!Please, I'm dying here!

Geraldine: It was nasty, like huge and white and ugly, like Rosie O'Donald, and speaking of her-"

Hector: -is dead-

Bystander To Other Bystander: Watch out for that Geraldine, she's a complete socialpath.

Geraldine: Hector?
by Annabelle Menzie February 28, 2008