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The practice of spending time unproductively on social-networking websites, especially when one should be working.
Joe - Hey, Mark is constantly updating his Facebook status, does he not have any work to do?

John - His company obviously doesnt realise how much Social Notworking he is doing!
by Bushbrother January 12, 2009
The act of using a social networking site while at work.
Don't bother me right now. I'm busy doing some social notworking.
by Gregus October 16, 2008
When you spend all days at your job on social networking sites such as facebook,myspace and twitter.
Amanda spent day in the office social notworking instead of helping patients.
by ChocoStick March 10, 2009
Procrastinating important things in need to be done such as studying, or assignments due the next day, by social networking on websites like facebook.
Dork: "Hey, did you get that assignment done yet? i already finished my research paper"
Typical lazy guy: "No, i'm social not-working right now"

Teacher: "Im concerned about your grades slipping, have you been studying?"
Student: "No, i've been socially not-working instead"
Teacher: (sighs) Facebook is the only book kids will read these days...
by mickeyd23 February 20, 2011
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