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A Social Maggot is an individual who rejects societal norms, has tendencies toward deviant behaviors, and does not always care what others think or their affect on others.

To be called a social maggot is often derogatory,an in one who is a criminal sociopath,for example.

So, there you have it. A social maggot is,quite simply, a maggot of society. Low-down,dirty,rotten,and inclined to partake of the seedy side of life, though some take this term as a thing of pride. It can also represent a rogue bastard type of individual,one who is self-reliant and liberated.
" That Xander guy is such a social maggot. All he does is get trashed at strip clubs while his girlfriend holds down a job at HEB and pays the bills."

" Yeah, she deserves better."

"That Chris gal is SUCH a social maggot! She dosn't celebrate any of the traditional national holidays, dosn't watch TV or give a crap about celebrity culture, and is always immersed in some wierdo hobby or other."

" Damn! Can I have her number?!"
by ChrisMarie December 24, 2009
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