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The feeling that you are still sober (by the by, you aren't), while being more talkative, loud, and uninhibited.

Cause of sober vision: not drinking enough to actually reach the next level of hammered, or you've had a drop too much i suppose. Your opinion of the cause may vary based on what day of the week it is, and your level of alcoholism.

How to be diagnosed: there is no known way to self diagnose sober vision while it is occurring. A friend who is not drunk needs to be there to tell if you're afflicted with sober vision. Once full sobriety is achieved (after breakfast / lunch the next day) you may look back and realize that you were possibly quite a bit drunker than you originally thought you were.
When your debate with that guy escalated into mindless shouting I realized you were sober visioning.
by Hobo-KN October 31, 2010
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To have a outside party who is sober looking over your every move while under the influence.
I just wanted to chill and work but I was under my boss's sobervision so I had to try not to appear intoxicated. I come home to sobervision everyday so I have to use mints, visine and deoderant. If you didn't (sobervise) me last night, I would have gotten arrested for sure.
by SLOW.YOUR.ROLE.. July 17, 2010

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