The pairing of Sora and Kairi from the video game Kingdom Hearts. Also known as Kaiora. It's so obvious that's practically already canon.
I've been watching a lot of SoKai AMVs lately.
by xxIhavenoname September 29, 2008
Top Definition
A popular pairing in the video game kingdom hearts. SoKai is the pairing of the characters Sora and Kairi. Many people insist it's canon but it ISN'T. Until the game confirms that they are together, it's not true. SoKai ruins many yaoi fangirls dreams and is stupid and inferior compared to its sexier, more logical counterpart SoRiku also known as RikuSora. So the conclusion is that Kairi should just die so that Riku and Sora can share a paopu fruit and be together forever.
SoKai? Never. SoRiku? Oh yes.
by RikuSora August 24, 2010
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