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A short-hand form for the term "So Suburbs". This is a reference to a certain person/thing that is typically associated with the lifestyle of living/growing up, in the suburbs.
Gangter 1: Yo dawg, whats happenin homes.

Gangster 2: I'm doing quite well thank you good sir.

Gangster 1: Dawwgg, why you talkin' so burbs?
by psy13 November 03, 2010
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Living a stereotypical suburban life, so much so that there is no trace of anything urban.
The Cleavers were the original Soburb family. The Brady's were next. Followed by Eight is Enough.

She is so Soburb that she thinks PhatFarm is where they do liposuction.
by GangstaGreg October 28, 2006
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