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Ahn Sohee is a former member of the popular South Korean girl group, the 'Wondergirls', she is the lead dancer and vocalist within the group.

She is a South Korean idol singer, actress, dancer, model and MC.

On December 21, 2013, Sohee would not renew her contract with the company, thus ending her six-year membership as part of the Wonder Girls. Her contract with the company ended December 21, 2013.
p1 "Did you hear about So hee"
p2 "Why what happened?"
p1 "She's left the Wondergirls"
p2 "OMG Noooo!"

"So hee is always so cute"
"I love you So hee"
by noojle January 04, 2014
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Sohee is a feminine korean name that means small yet shining. This implies that no matter how "small" the person, she's blindingly bright and smart.

Sohee tends to be charismatic and charming, with one or two quirks that make people love her.
Names that go along with Sohee are:
Joey, Ana, Renée, Victoria, and Ellen.
Sohee stands out everywhere she goes!
by sokrlee December 08, 2014

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