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So Gnar is the defining of.

A act of courage, death, stupidity, pure awesomeness anything that is awesome.
Pat dropped a 100 foot cliff and lived
Monster said to PAT : that was So Gnar dude.
by airblastor May 05, 2009
freakin crazyness.. mad fun.. simply put: so gnarly
that backflip was sognar ma man...
by psizzle September 26, 2006
when a dog shakes dry after swimming. used by surfers at the beach. the shaking and/or the resulting spray is called sognar. can be used as a verb or noun.

"watch out dude, that dog is about to sognar!" or "chad toweled off but then steve's fucking dog sognarred him"


"that stupid dog got sognar all over me"
by ShredBoy October 26, 2011
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