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You sit down on the toilet, ready to receive your average, run-of-the-mill blumpkin. But wait, why are your arms so cold? You put on your Snuggie and call your bitch into the bathroom, proceeding to cover her body with the rest of the Snuggie. Dutch oven blumpkin, bitch.
Derp: "Duuude, my girlfriend gave me a snumpkin last night!"
Derpor: "No waaay, duuude, that's like a dutch oven blumpkin!"
by asmartshell January 02, 2012

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the act of serving up a tenderizing blumpkin and put a finishing touch of a luscious snowball on it.
My girlfriend serves up the meanest snumpkin, but then comes the after-taste. (No..., Dignity, don't run away from me.)
by SBU-OO7(Kofi) September 23, 2004