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When you have all intentions of hooking up, and then it simply doesn't occur, because one of the involved parties would rather just snuggle. Afterwards, realizing the missed opportunity to get some lovin', the same person who requested the snuggle, asks for a mulligan (do over) resulting in a snugglemulligan. aka: snugmug
Jen: yeah, I was totally down to get some, and he suggested we just snuggle...
Me: WHAAAAT?!?! who does that???

Jen: yep. and then he texted today and asked for a mulligan!!

Me: well? what'd you say???
Jen: I said absolutely not, I refuse to waste a Saturday night on a snugglemulligan!
#do over #snugmug #retake #hook-up let down #steve'd
by unicornpirateninja February 20, 2014
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