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Proper name for a person that uses nasally ingested recreational drugs.

also see snuffy
The Snufaluffagus can sure snort up his/her share of the party favors, man !

When it come to doing lines The Snufaluffagus is king/queen.
by CritterGetter August 24, 2007
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Named ironically after the Sesame Street character, it is a device made of some cylinder that holds fabric softener sheets and any mixture of other personal items such as napkins. One blows marijuana smoke through the device in hopes that a fresh, not marijuana smelling, odor will slightly escape. The marijuana smell should be dulled, and this is similar to a bounce blower
Hey man you better rig up a snufaluffagus real quick so we can get blown all stealth mode and shit son.
by KyleTheMan621 May 20, 2007
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