The act of retaining ejaculate fluids after performing fellatio and spitting it back into that person's face
Brian kept making jokes while I blew him so I gave him a snow fight
by forest whitaker III February 05, 2010
Top Definition
When two guys whack it off looking each other in the eye. The first to cum on the other guy is declared the winner. And also a total fag.
"Dude, Gabe totally won that snowfight yesterday with Aidan!"
"wow what faggots...especially Gabe!"
by mutually exclusive caveats FTW December 20, 2008
A snowfight is a game that two men play when they simultaneously whack off to the sound of christmas music, and whoever finishes first wins. This originated in Canada.
"Hey lukie, that snowfight was fun last night"
"I know, Gabe, but next time I will beat you to it.
by Professor Slang December 21, 2008
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