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The act of dumping a semen-filled condom all over your sexual partner as a punishment for lack of satisfactory performance.
When Tony came after only four strokes, I gave him a nice messy snow shower.
by subnetmask July 19, 2004
A sexual act between a man and a woman where the man ejaculates into a fan, spraying the woman with his seed in the process.
Adrian: Yo Bob, I heard you gave Kendra a Snow Shower last night.

Bob: Hells yeah, it took her a good 20 minutes to clean up, and another hour to clean the fan!
by Noss Dormuu January 26, 2011
to splooge on someone
Hey Sexy, come over here so I can give you a snowshower.
by Pilar J June 24, 2005
the act of covering your partner's face in dandruff or peeling sunburn flakes and then coming on said face
joe: man that sunburn on your head is peeling pretty bad

victor: yeah i gave my girl a snow shower last night

joe: thats pretty nasty dude
by cbaus5 July 28, 2010