a band formed in Scotland although all of its members are from N Ireland. Mainly listened to D4s from southern Dublin who don't know anything about music and who fail to see how almost all snow patrol songs are the exact same and don't go anywhere.
D41 Roysh loike Omg did u hear bout snow patrol's latest song?

D42 Omg I know, chasing cars. I love it, it reminds me of the merc my dad just bought yesterday and its so simple and goes no where so my small amount of intelligence can comprehend it.
#omg #roysh #d4 #d4's #crap #snowpatrol #snowpatroll #snow patroll
by kl;' August 25, 2007
The shittest band in the history of the world who got famous by playing the shittiest 3 chord progressions ever written.
If you listen to Snow Patrol you are a douche.
#snow #patrol #indie #shit #sucks
by Necromancer666 March 18, 2009
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