Snowfox needs to post pix with just his fur on.
A fox in any other skin
by RavenTap July 17, 2004
Top Definition
The OPPOSITE of a Snow Cow. Often seen in the beautiful far north, especially around MTU, the Snow Fox is a beautiful, gentle, intelligent, and athletic creature, adept at surviving harsh climates and situations.
Guy 1: "Man, those girls at NMU sure are Snow Cows."

Guy 2: "Go to MTU, they've got Snow Foxes."
by skiracer February 17, 2010
A fox which is cuter than a normal fox.
That snowfox is cute.
by Anon May 05, 2003
A silly little boy.
Snowfox is just a silly little boy.
by Anonymous August 21, 2003
SnowFox, being the image of perfection and the most amazing creature in existence.
This precious jewel of a being is usually located on IRC or Half Life, or with his lover, the pink kitty.
Also known as foxy, DiamondFox, PagoFox and "Huzza".
SnowFox is Teh 1337 Hax Lolz
by Pink July 09, 2003

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