Comedian Dave Attell's jokingly derogatory term for an Eskimo or Innu person.
"So, the Eskimos-- or, as I call them, 'Snow Mexicans'..."
by nicole May 28, 2004
Top Definition
A Canadian working legally or illegaly in the USA.
"Damn Snow mexicans, they're taking all the programming jobs." See also ice mexican, iceback, snowback, mullet
by Rob Tyrie February 06, 2003
A person of Mexican heritage who stops on the road way screwing up traffic in order to play in the snow. Snow Mexicans can be seen in the winter months in the San Bernardino mountains and other surrounding areas of southern California. Snow Mexicans are a generally friendly and out going group and normally travel in large herds called "families".
"Why are there so many Snow Mexicans up here today"
by Crestline Jim January 01, 2015
Mexicans that have travelled far above the Southern border into the colder regions of the U.S. Most notably into the fishing communities of the Pacific NorthWest.
Me: "Man I thought I was the only Mexican stationed on Whidbey Island...but then I found a Taco Truck!?"

My friend: "Hell yeah bro, the Snow Mexicans are all over the islands around here!"
by Sancho Dan June 25, 2011
A pergorative of "Canadian"- used by our neighbors to the south. Synonyms:a)"Candidian", a deriviative of Candida infection. b)"Porchsicle", a derivative of "Porch Monkey".
I'm glad I make more money than some damned socialist Snow Mexican, bunch of porchsicles!!
by allen anderson May 23, 2006
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