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Simply, what kids (and adults) like to make after a good wet snowfall. Generally involves rolling snowball's until they get quite large, then stacking them one on top of the other - big one on the bottom (legs), middle size in the middle (midriff), and small one on top (head). Also usually includes other items to make them look more real. Normally is spelled as one word, snowman.
The kids and I went out today to build a snow man
by Panchoman Jr. November 17, 2006
20 53
a word used in reference to a coke dealer that you do not personally know
"So who's this snowman, is his shit good??"
by BeauDerek April 12, 2003
659 74
One who sells cocain to make a living.
Let's go get some coke from the snowman!
by MurderByRhyme03 August 15, 2005
374 68
A person who deals drugs, most likely Cocaine.
I wanted some crack, but my snow man was all out.
by Wendy January 05, 2004
126 24
a snow figure that looks like a man. it is built by stacking 3 snowballs on top of each other
I'm gonna build a snowman.
by aaasd January 21, 2010
101 51
A pair of 8's in poker. Also known as fat ladies.
Your pair of 10's beat my snowmen... damnit!!
by rhaps0dy August 04, 2004
25 8
Another name for famous Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy
"In the hood they call me Jeezy, the snow man"
by MDAV January 28, 2008
24 10
A handsome masculine figure sculptured from compressed snow and various other accessories (pebbles, carrots, twigs, hats, cloak etc...)
Anna: I love to make a snowman
Lenny: Didn't you once draw a sketch of a snowman?
Anna: Yes a very wonderful and beautiful snowman.
Lenny: A snowman you will always love yeah?
Anna: Yeah
by redyellowgold July 23, 2010
40 27