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A beer, either in a bottle or a can, which is placed into the snow surrounding an outdoor hottub in order to keep the beer frosty cold. When removed from the snow for consumption, the bottle/can will frequently have snow stuck to it.
Pass me a snow beer man

This snow beer really hits the spot
by SBoarder January 12, 2011
A beer, either bottle or can, that is placed in a snow bank near an expanse of freshly fallen snow that requires shovelling. The beer serves as both motivator and reward to complete the job.
1) That snow beer is going to taste wicked good when I'm done shovelling this effin driveway.
2) Dig me out one of those frosty snow beers my good man!
3) Watch where your throwing the snow you hoser, we're gonna lose our snow beers!
by Cordo Gooper February 06, 2011
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