Social Networking Obsession Turmoil
Person 1:Dude, what the hell is Rick doing tonight?

Person 2:He is sitting on facebook. He has snot.
by LCSnola August 15, 2010
Snot, was an American Funk Rock band from Santa Barbara, California. Formed in 1995, the band released their debut studio album Get Some with founding vocalist Lynn Strait in 1997 and disbanded after his and the bands mascot, Dobbs, died in 1998.
Guy #1: Hey I love this song! Snot's amazing!

Guy #2: You mean the stuff that comes outta your nose?

Guy #1: No, the band jackass.
by THEDR0Z August 10, 2010
An whiny and/or annoying young person
Quit asking for candy, you little snot.
by Kenny December 09, 2003
Something you can sell on ebay, so long as you claim you took it from John lennon's dying body in 1980.
A: I spent my paycheck on a jar of snot that someone took from John Lennon's dying body 24 years ago!

B: You idiot!
by Gumba Gumba August 04, 2004
nostral fluid
i've just sneezed and shot all green snot all over my computer i'll leave it here for the cleaner doris
by marie August 22, 2003
1.nasal mucus
2. a metal band from the mid to late 90's, whose lead singer died in a car accident
Guy 1:Snot is awesome
Guy 2:The stuff that comes out of your nose or the band?
Guy 1:BOTH!
by ko1391 March 09, 2008
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