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something to say when you stumble out on stage drunk and naked during Mitchapalooza; a classic Ferrell quote
"Come on! Snoop! Snoop-a-loop!"
by Chris Garay May 08, 2005
94 23
"Snoop Dogg's" nickname to a drunk white male over the age of 43. Who could quite possibly be nude as well.
Will Ferrel trying to persuade Snoopaloop and the man in the green hat to go streaking through the quad.
by Slappy July 30, 2003
26 13
1)A female paladin who owned
2)When a character gets raped by a paladin for committing an immoral act during Dungeons & Dragons
That fucking paladin snoopalooped in my mouth
by snoopaloops April 01, 2011
0 5
The dumbest kid in your class
mark is snoopaloop
by jimmy crack corn October 27, 2003
8 22