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The Snogging Stick:
Also known as a brolly. The stick is a very important piece of equipment that stops the Gross Mating Rituals Of Hormonal Teenagers or G.M.R.O.H.T. The Snogging Stick has been proven to stop teenage pregnacy and other people having to witness couples sucking face (especially noisy kissers namming no names.) Do not mock the stick!!!
If a couple were showing a little too much PDA (Public Display of Affection) On would take there Snogging Stick (Brolly) and hit both of the LIGHTLY! more of a tap on the head to stop them and thier kissing. Note: The Snogging Stick is not for violence just to stop G.M.R.O.H.T.
#made up words #snogging #brolly #stick #couples
by Gertie October 27, 2007
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