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a slang term describing snitching in Alaska. Per the History channel's gangland show, gangs in Alaska have zero reprecussions for snitching. In fact the Alaska gang landscape has been described as a "snitches paradise". In normal rhetoric the phrase snitches get stiches is used to describe the view most gangs take on snitching. In Alaska the phrase Snitches Get Kittens is more apt to be used in describing the attitude that gang members take toward snitching. Because gang members are not likely to retaliate for snitching, a basket of kittens, or just kittens will be used in the common phrase in place of stiches to describe the rammifications for informing on their gang member brethren.

Also- a flag football team know for their creative website and offensive antics often using violent maneuvers to defend their turf. Many times employing slide tackles, stiff arms, and shoulder drops instead of simply pulling the flag.
Yo, did you talk to Marlon yet? We saw Weezie leaving the PD w/ a basket full of kittens. You think he snitched? I don't think I know he did, snitches get kittens around here, you know that dawg.
by SnitchesGetKittens July 31, 2009

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