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A FPS term also known as a sniper party or sniper orgy

when a area is occupied by more then 1 sniper team (1 sniper team = 2 snipers talking to eatch other. usually one is a shooter and the other is a spotter.)

When any spot is occupied by more then 1 sniper team it is designated by the temporary call out of Sniper nest/orgy/party and then a number. when the sniper nest has been taken care of you are to announce it to the rest of your team/squad and it will be eliminated from the call-outs.

Any area can become a sniper nest they can range from a shack, to a hillside, to a heavily fortified foxhole or building.

The best way to take a nest out

(Battlefield Bad Company 1/2) is to Destroy all their cover or to call a art strike on them. another way is if you have a good pilot and a good gunner. put them in the Apatche and just do a couple strafing runs on the building. chances are the problem will be done with in a couple runs. watch out for machine gun fire though. also beware of tracer darts.

(Call of duty) Sniper nests in call of duty are a bit trickier. you can not chip away at there cover. so you are forced to try and flank. this can be difficult when there are claymores around. best bet is to move slow and keep your eyes open.

(Halo) Rare to find them in halo. but a simple rocket or sticky grenade should clear them out.
Guy 1: We got 4 snipers in the Red building, 1 on roof and 3 on the balcony!

Guy 2: Get the UAV to drop a JDAM on them and watch out Sniper Nest 2 got reinforcements. looks like a medic and a Humvee dropping of Assaults with M14s
by Monkee Worrior June 18, 2010
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