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The biggest douche-fag known to all Steam gamers. He is known to mic spam, rage, prop spam/kill and minge up every RP and probably even a DM server in every Source game he visits. Also known as one of those high-pitched 10 year olds who has no friends.
Annoyed Player: Snifflles, stop hitting me with those damn stoves, I'm trying to build something.
Snifflles: NU! juts chill out
Annoyed Player: Grow up, queerfag.
Snifflles: NO U
Annoyed Player: wow, that joke is so overused. Get a life, fag bag.
Snifflles: NO U (Spamming the chat box)
An Admin has joined the game.
An Admin banned player Snifflles (Kicked and banned)
Snifflles: (turns emo and starts raging in Steam Friends)
by afro-samurai August 23, 2009
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