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The act of discretely inspecting a woman for foul vaginal odor before engaging in intercourse, preformed by hugging her, and slipping the finger in the pussy from behind, then pulling her close (as if to be romantic) placing her head on your shoulder, and the inserted finger to your nose while sniffing without her noticing.
Damn man I was about to pound this bitch out so I did the SNIFF CHECK and she was good to go.

Omg !! I was Messing with this cocola last night and did the sniff check it was putrid! I had to kick her out.

Yo i did the sniff check on this chick and almost threw up! she asked me what was wrong so I stuck my finger up her nose and she gagged!! I told her: this is you!!!!
by siscarface June 03, 2010
Whilst indulging in petting/heavy kissing etc you slowly work your hand into your partners knickers and finger her pussy. Then after a minute or so start kissing the side of her neck and at the same time bring your finger up and smell it slyly, if it stinks you know not to go down on her!!
Hey stu did you get anywhere with sarah last night? Yeah man i fucked her but she wouldn't blow me cos i wouldn't go down on her. Why wouldn't you go down on her man? I gave her the sniffcheck and her fanny stank so there was no way i was going down on that.
by the-kid September 17, 2007
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