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Snicker Tits is when a woman get snickers (the minis) and lets them melt on her nipples. Once the snickers have been melted the woman smears the chocolate all over her "tits" then someone or something cleans the woman's "tits" via his or her tongue.
That chick on "6teen" is snicker tits, I bet she gets cleaned by the security guard.


That chick on "6teen" has snicker tits, perfect for the taking.

by Snicker Tits January 22, 2009
14 3
having black nipples, or a term used to call over a ghetto black bitch.

"get yo ass over here snicker tits"

"damn you can see her snicker tits right through her shirt"
by B-low the rapist March 05, 2009
3 10