can be used as another word for snot or a bogey. commonly used in Scotland.
boy: *sneezes*

girl: eww, you have a pure snegger on your lip!
by iamnicole December 28, 2009
Top Definition
Sneggering is the art of spraying deodarant on things then slaping them with either a penis (If Male), or corresponding plastic replacement (If Female).
If a person sneggers thing on a regular basis then they are deemed a snegger.

Bob: would you like to snegger my cat
Peetie: yes pls
Bob: EWWW you filthy snegger


Bob: so how was your weekend
Peetie: got alot of sneggering done
Bob: EWWW you filthy snegger
by Liketysplikety November 13, 2007
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