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The act of almost sneezing, but failing and feeling very strange, uncomfortable, and unsatisfied. The feeling of a Sneeze Blueball is similar to a Sneeze Tease, but is far more unsettling. It makes you feel unfinished. The Sneeze Blueball can be countered by numerous things; looking into light, scratching the nose, or twitching of the muscles in the nose.

The Sneeze Blueball is a derivative of the term: blueball
Chuck: "Ah.... Ah..... Ah..... Ch.... Ugh."
Steve: "What was that? Was that a Sneeze Tease?"
Chuck: "No, worse. I just had a Sneeze Blueball"
Steve: "Oh man... that sucks. How do you feel?"
Chuck: "Unfinished..."
by TheEpicEmperorOfAllEternity January 25, 2011
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the feeling after a sneeze miscarriage or sneeze tease where you feel like you've been cheated out of your 1/8 of an orgasm
oh man, I was about to sneeze my eighth but it went away, now I've got sneeze blueballs, all I can think about is sneezing.
by Anchovie2000 September 28, 2011

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