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When someone gets you to agree to something you don't really agree with in an incredibly devious, sneaky manner.
"All in favor of bidding Alex Shockey, the president of the Gay/Straight Alliance to the Sigma Pi Fraternity?"-Aaron
"What's transgender exactly?"-Matt to Brad
"I don't know but it cant be too bad..."-Brad
*Both raise hands and admit a female to male transgender into the fraternity, the action of tricking Matt and Brad through sneaky measures with devious intent is known as the act of the Sneaky Tranny. They were just sneaky trannied, and that makes Aaron a gay pusscake.
by Bradman12 February 20, 2012
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Noun: A very convincing transvestite that looks like the opposite sex that it actually is. Unexperienced and/or inebriated males are most likely to fall prey to the sneaky tranny.

Verb: The act of getting sneaky trannied is when you are convinced of something that you don't normally agree with by employing deceptive, conniving techniques to achieve their ends.
Example 1(Noun):

"That girl is gorgeous!" -Drunk Ed
"Yea thats what I thought, but then I got her in the hay and found out she had a wang, bro. She's a sneaky tranny! I still limp! "-Sober Ted.

Example 2(Verb):

"Dude know whats bogus? Aaron just convinced me to vote for bidding a tranny into the fraternity! Goddamn!"-Drunk Ed
"Dude you definitely just got sneaky trannied!"-Sober Ted.
by HoboslayerSon February 22, 2012

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