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1. The act which occurs when a person driving or in the passenger seat of a car looks forward obliviously to the person in the seat behind him or her. Preferably when the car is in motion, the person in the back seat, "Asian", slides an item, i.e. a foot, penis, shoe, sandal, etc., into the slit between the backrest and the bottom cushion of the driver's seat so that it reaches the unsuspecting victim's ass.
(in the backseat of a car)
Guy: Hey Carl, when we get on the highway, give Max the sneaky asian. He won't see it coming.

Carl: Haha, alright. Let's just hope he doesn't crash.

Max: What are you guys talking about back there??
by Hammerwang June 03, 2008
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One who outwits his friends in matters of payment. Inspired by the Asian tradition of fighting for the bill at the end of the meal. Those who loose the fight sometimes retaliate by sneaking money into the winner's wallet, glove compartment, etc.

Most often used as a verb.
As you're doing the bill tug-o-war: "Don't try to pull that !@&$% that with me; you know I'm just going to sneaky Asian you later."

Oh man, he tried to pay for dinner but we totally sneaky Asianed him.
by Pei Liao May 06, 2006

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