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Originally inspired by "James Bond" and "Cuming" (James Bond being sneaky and Cumming for...cumming!) The two together makes "Sneak n Cum Agents"

An organization/agency made by Menohh and Madcapgalaxy and TwentyTenor2 (Xbox live)

A group of people that try to be sneaky in EVERYTHING they do, or somebody massively perverted.

The members of this Organization/Agency are the stealthiest, most random, perverted agents you will ever all the land

All sneak n cum agents must have the ability to run at high velocity and maintain a boner at the same time, You cannot be a Sneak n Cum agent without being perverted.
*Guy randomly streaks through a soccer field*

Meno: Dude! That guy is a Sneak n Cum Agent!
Tenor: I know!

*Guy skydiving naked*

Meno: He's a sneak n cum agent...
Tenor: I know!

*Guy sneaks around corner and passes heavy defence of a high security airport*

Meno: Did you just see that? That guy is a Sneak n Cum agent...
Tenor: I know!

*Meno holds an extremely hard boner looking at a hexy babe while running at high velocity*

Meno: I'm such a Sneak n Cum Agent...
Tenor: I know!

*Madcap finds his dads old SnCA Acedemy year book in his closet*

Madcap:M...M..My.....DADDY was uh...SNEAK N CUM AGENT...

"Sneak n Cum Agent(s)"
by Menohh June 22, 2009
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