Cool beyond awesome nothing better
Dude your idea is snawesome.
by Travarino July 19, 2008
Top Definition
Something that is so incredibly awesome, there is no other word to describe it... Other than snawesome. Remarkably similar to the feeling people get after the first true snow of the season.

Snawesome cannot be beaten by any other adjective, so use with caution... Don't throw these bad boys around so easily; people will begin to lose interest in your friendship because they are unable to express their feelings of joy quite as capably as you can. They may even begin to resent you for it.

Some people say that the mere mention of Snawesome will open the golden gates and allow you instant access into Heaven.

Do not allow anyone else in your presence to utter this word at, or around, the same time as you. Doing so, ensures that micro black holes do not form in the immediate area and destroy the world... Saying "Snawesome" Creates certain specific sound waves in the air that last for approximately 2.3 seconds. If these sounds waves were to come into contact with other similar ones, they will resonate and spawn those fearsome anomalies... Also, take care to protect against echoes, they have the same effect. To do this, you must say "Snawesome" at, or below, 30 Decibels.
"Wow, it is snowing! That is crazy awesome, man! Wait... Crazy awesome just isn't able to deliver the proper enthusiasm I am feeling for this moment... Snow.. Snaw... Snawesome!" And thus, Snawesome was born and will now and forever be know as the greatest word ever created...
by FallenOne - Heavensfury December 20, 2009
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