Top Definition
Function: Noun or Verb

Inflected Forms: Snated, Snating, or Snatin'


1. The combination of the nouns "Snitch" and "Hater", creating the word "Snater".

2. A expletive used for an individual that "snitches" on another person out of jelousy or envy, also regarded as "Hatin'".

3. An individaul that "dry snitches" on others they feel hostile towards.


1. To "snitch" and "hate" on a person at the sametime.
"I do not get to walk around all day long like Mcgee did, I had to finish working, Mr. Manager, sir."

-a "Snater" in the act of "snatin' " to his manager regarding another employee.

"Look at them over there with all that money and that big car! I'm going to call the police, explaining that they sell drugs or have illegal fire arms."
- An act of "Snating".

"I know you have been snitchin' on behind my back, you just mad because I do what you wish you could, you snater."
by Captain Zanzebaar July 24, 2009
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