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-A person who is greater than an asshole. Since snatch or "vagina" holes tend to be bigger than people's assholes.

- A snatchhole is used to describe someone who is more of a douche/asshole than words can describe. The next level is therefore: snatchhole.
Joe: Your sister is fugly

Ted: Dude, thats not cool, stop being an asshole.

Joe: You know what, your mom is a skank also.

Ted: Wow Joe, now you're being a snatchhole!!!
by Teester87 January 05, 2010
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The worst kind of bitch there is. This is what you would call someone who is sleeping with your boyfriend and or ex-boyfriend, i.e. much worse than a cunt by far.
I can't believe my boyfriend said he was emotionally unattached and now he is sleeping with that snatch hole!
by Shequita June 13, 2007
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