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The nasty gunk in the inside folds or labia of a girl's vagina. Also, a nasty or unclean girl's vagina that has dried up toilet paper, or various other detritus stuck in folds.
Dave: Hey, Marc. So did you finally get to go down on Jill?
Marc: Yeah dude, but that skank was dirty.
Dave: Why's that?
Marc: I wasn't about to eat her snatch paste.
#pussy paste #vag cream #coochie gunk #puss paste #vag paste
by AveryM89 May 28, 2010
1.the pasty residue on a dirty vagina.

2. a jerk
1. "i was drunk as shit and about 5 seconds into eating Jenny out i realized i had a mouthfull of snatchpaste and threw up on her stomach."

2. Guy1: the new coldplay album is going to rule, that guy is a genius.
Guy2: whatever, snatchpaste
#vagina #dirty #paste #snatch #gross
by temple tattoo April 07, 2010
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