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When you are so crowded by pussy that you just don't know where to put your pecker. Often the ones having a snatch parade are the ass holes that don't deserve the girls.. and most often involve girls that me, you and your friends will never have a chance with.
1."Dude that jerk is having a constant snatch Parade"

2.Guy: "oh hey, how have you been?"
Ex Girlfriend: "I've been good, I'm engaged now"
Guy: "yeah, it's been constant snatch parade for me"
by Dylbinator October 11, 2010
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A constant parade of non stop pussy. Gettin some all the time or all weekend long. THis guy is either just drop dead gorgous or the king of pickin up girls either way he likes 'em hot, drunk, and if at all possible a nice tight virgin, THis man is usually an asshole for fun or in general but to girls in doesn't matter because they all know he's eithr hung or knows how to use it.
When a guy goes to a party and goes on a snatchparade walking around picking up and screwing almost all the tang in the house.
by iiSnatchParade December 09, 2010

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