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An adult game over the Snapchat network where two or more players take it in turn to send increasingly explicit, weird, disgusting or disturbing snaps to each other until all but one player has surrendered.

This game has very different results if played with an attractive partner or your psychedelic mates.

The game is began with a challenger sending a dodgy snap stating 'let the games begin'.

A set if rules must be adhered to, failure to follow the rules will result in the fowling player carrying out a Snapchat forfeit set by the opponent. Rules are as follows:

1) You don't talk about Snapchat chicken, screenshots must never be taken and snaps will never be discussed. There will be no mocking for brave snaps.

2) Snaps must last at least 3 seconds.

3) Videos are allowed.

4) Snaps must be of the player only, not some randomer on the internet etc.

5) Snaps must never be repeated in a game, however the same snap may be used in several different games.

6) To surrender, a player must send a full nude body shot with the words 'no more'. There is no forfeit, only shame.
"Brian took a screenshot"
Opponent: "Brian must shrivel his manhood in cold water and send it to his top friends"

Sarah: "How's Snapchat Chicken?"
Angela: "If I told you, I'd have to kill you"
by Autophil December 21, 2013