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A skimpy hooch(ie) - looking girl, who puts a snapback cap (hat) on her head, only with the intention to 'get her slut on' with rappers/skaters or anyone with status in the hip hop subculture. Most commonly you see them in action at hip hop events. If a snapback snatch feels threatened by another females presence, she will use her most apparent characteristic - being a vicious psycho bitch from hell and do whatever it takes for you to either end up severely injured or psychologically torment you to the point that your self esteem leaves you in foetal position.
- "I can't see anything from here or even move Sarah! I'll try and ask the guy for a demo when he gets off stage because he sounds ill! (ouch) I just got elbowed real hard and spilled my drink all over myself because of the snapback snatch beside me!"
by N.E.Z.A July 06, 2013
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