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When you are out with your best friend, and it is a boring night, so you either drive or walk around using Snapchat to capture numerous people in their element asking them various questions or calling them out for dumb things. In most cases, use the word snaparazzi, so they know not to get offended.
"how does it feel to be without an umbrella?" Said the passenger to the men walking in the rain as she snaps them. The drive then yells out snaparazzi!!!
by Steph Austin February 23, 2017
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Amateur photographers that capture candid or unflattering photos of celebrities and sent to publications
The snaparazzi provided exclsuive photos of Cameron Diaz kissing Justin Timberlake at a private resort
by Tito Antonio April 01, 2007
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When lots of people with tinny digital cameras (ie tourists) flop em out and snap snap snap away to grab the obligatory of any landmark.
At the Vatican, tour bus pulls up, local says "Oh-oh, here comes the Snaparazzi"
by saltwaternz July 22, 2010
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