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when someone cunts you off on a snapchat story and you put a worse one on yours.
Girl on snapchat story: I hate you so much you cunt
Guy on snapchat story: when your ex fuck buddy starts getting jealous
Viewers of the story's: DAMNNNNN he snapslapped her
by MickeyDovers March 29, 2015
When a guy snaps his fingers and about five seconds slaps a females butt. It usually doesn't hurt, but that depends on the guy.
Girlonesi.m.: Like omg!
girltwosi.m.: Wat girl!
Girlone: Noah pulled a Snap Slap!
Girltwo: Omg! It's ok, Jake did the same thing last week to me!
by Emoloverbabe May 28, 2009
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