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to be really, really drunk
omg last night i was so smushed i snogged the dog
by miss egg March 28, 2009
10 34
Jersey shore slang meaning to have sex with someone.
Yo Ronnie, me and Snookie smushed last night.
by lexiiiiii July 25, 2010
72 12
to have sex with someone
So yeah, so then we smushed.
by Kitty556 February 02, 2010
49 14
Extreme mental suffering the morning after an intense night of tripping, typically from ingesting heavy doses of cough syrup
"Dang dude, you're looking horrible. Feeling smushed?"
by Dr. Drank September 17, 2008
5 25
To be stoned or drunk.
"I was absolutely smushed yesterday"
by Barry Stewart September 05, 2008
9 29