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The act of blowing papa smurf and then snowballing with a shipmate
Listerine couldn't get the blue out of my mouth after my shipmate smurfballed me.
by TM1 July 27, 2011
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This term reflects the compound act of two poor decisions. 1) Using a Port-a-John (Job Johnny, Johnny on the Spot, et al.) 2) Grinding out a depth charge into the murky abyss. For when you choose to do both you are likely to emerge from the compact bowel booth with a set of smurf balls, as your testicles are splashed with a coating of azure hued ass water.
Dubbs insisted on using the Job Johnny and he was rewarded with a pair of smurf balls for his stupidity.
by Mike Dennison June 12, 2007
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The name given to the act of dropping a hard packed snowball into a port-o-potty or out-house through the outside vent while in use.

The resulting splash often creates smurf balls.
Dude I hate my co-workers. I went to take a dump and they smurf ball'd me.
by Demnar November 10, 2010
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