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It's not blue, its Smurf Berry.
by Beautiful-Lie0865 April 16, 2011
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This is another word for triple c, since they are red, have a sweet taste, and if you take enough of them then you start tripping like a smurf. The safe dosage is usually 6, though I've taken up to 8 without any trouble. Wouldn't suggest going over this though. Besides DXM, the other chemical in these is really dangerous, and can make for a very nasty & painful overdose.
Me and my friend were popping some smurfberries earlier.
by Aaron September 18, 2004
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Generic for hydrocodone. 10mg Hydrocodone and 500mg of Acetaminophen (Tylenol). Blue, Oblong, scored, marked Watson 940. Fairly strong for the opiate naive, but mild for the opiate experienced.
He didn't have any Oxys to bang so he snorted a smurf berry.
by Cornball November 23, 2006
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see Blue balls; refers to The smurfs cartoon, in which, a village is populated entirely by male mythical blue creatures,with the exception of one female.
As soon as my sister realized it was me, she pushed me offf her. Now i have smurf berries.
by sinpunk April 17, 2011
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