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commonly known as a blojob.
when a female goes "down" on her female counterpart and pleasures him.
aye smokey ther really gd
by d brennan frm st. pats April 21, 2005
1) A verb to describe oral fellatio
2) Or my nickname, but not because I get head...because I love teh pot
That bitch was hookin him up with some smokey right as I turned on the light, damn slut!
by Christopher Thomas Morgan July 29, 2003
ownage dutch tfc pimp who owns sexy hoes
All chicks love him, his style is totally smokey!
by Pimpl0rd April 06, 2003
Someone that gives exclusive blowjobs...
That niggah sucks so much dick, he a smokey!
by MechanicalFury May 14, 2004
The name I call my cat.
Hey smokey, shut up with ur crying
by Brett July 20, 2004